Cabo Sardão viewpoint.jpg

We are Sérgio and Sara and together created Vida Airada!

But why Vida Airada? Because it cames from the state of mind when joining relax and freedom at the same place and time! These are both synonym of holidays, countryside, beach, campervan life, and for sure, how we called in Portuguese: “Vida Airada” style.

Vicentina Coast is the “place” to be. The camper van is the “freedom” that just fits right. And there are lots of good reasons for that!

First of all, the land! Here the time passes by slowly and with no hours to go… It is where we finally relax from the busy day-to-day life and find everything we need. Here, we can dive in the best beaches, find the most delicious fresh fish, can simply wander between wide fields and small charming villages, watch the greatest sunset and, at night, count the never ending stars in the sky. It is where we return endless times, but still gets surprised every time we come. But most of all, it is where we fell at home!

At the rhythm of our classic campervan, these moments become even more special… Forget the 120Km/h… in fact, who really needs that? :) And hotels? We’d learned how simply it is to have everything on board. Starting from the pleasure to take a fresh coffee without leaving “home” in the lazy mornings, to the fridge to keep our beers fresh! And of course, the exterior shower to shake the sand from the body. With a so simple life, there are no worries at all.

This is a unique place, and giving the opportunity to explore it in the way we believe, with freedom, conscience and good spirit, is the reason why Vida Airada is here!